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Metso Flow Control Oy, Ari Salminen: According to our employees the system is clear and user-friendly


Interview: Ari Salminen, Safety and Environment Manager, Vantaa, Metso Flow Control Ltd

InstaAudit is Metso Flow Control’s choice

When the old auditing system with papers, pictures, and rewriting it all afterwards, began to feel rigid and time-consuming, Metso Flow decided to speed the process up with InstaAudit system. “We wanted to enhance our work flow by adopting a mobile application”, says Ari Salminen, Safety and Environment Manager, Metso Flow Control Ltd. “Deployment of the new system was surprisingly effortless, and we were delighted to see our own development ideas being implemented quickly”.

According to Salminen, InstaAudit’s flexibility and versatility made it stand out among different mobile applications in the market. In fact, there was a similar system that was piloted for HSE-audits for quite a long time. “But we finally ended up using InstaAudit because we saw it as the most flexible option and we were able to use it for multiple purposes”, says Salminen.

InstaAudit as a daily tool

After the deployment, the feedback given by directors, managers and employees has been positive, and the whole personnel seems to think that InstaAudit is logical and easy to use. Moreover, it was stated by the company’s Health and Safety Representative that due to the explicit reports of InstaAudit’s inspection system, corrections of the faults have accelerated. “The system, certainly, is not supposed to be just a tool for safety experts. The results of the usage have to materialize in the factory level as improved working environment and lower level of risks”, explains Salminen.

InstaAudit is a valuable tool that Metso Flow uses in the factory’s monthly HSE audits, fire safety inspections, comprehensive safety and environment related risk assessments, statutory workplace reports, accident investigations, as well as radiation inspections (of the products that require maintenance).

At Metso Flow, InstaAudit platform is mostly used on mobile devices, e.g. Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 8”, which has an integrated protective case and a stylus. Because it’s not too heavy, it’s easy to carry around. “For instance, earlier today we made an internal fire inspection, and the report was sent to the responsible person immediately after the inspection”, says Salminen. As for risk assessment finalization, also mobile phones and computers are in use.

Compatible solution

InstaAudit system was modified to meet the needs of Metso Flow. For instance, company’s risk assessments has to be done in accordance with organization’s requirements, for which reason it was necessary for Metso Flow that those requirements were immediately exported to InstaAudit system. That was an absolute requirement for making risk assessments with a mobile application, and it turned out to be success. In addition, the inspection round templates are modified to reflect the aspects of work safety that need to be emphasized at that moment.

Metso Flow hasn’t ordered any customized dashboards yet. The existing graphs and statistics have been sufficient for now. However, InstaAudit’s customer service support is praised by Salminen: “We really appreciate the fact that we can do so much ourselves, but in case there is a problem, the support replies very quickly. That’s the most important thing, to be able to reach customer service in case of emergency.”

Future scenarios with InstaAudit

After the usage experience of one and half years, Metso Flow is satisfied with their choice. “At the moment, I would still choose InstaAudit because of its diversity. I’m really looking forward to seeing all the new modules that will be added to the system”, says Salminen. In fact, Metso Flow has a lot of internal ideas for further utilization and expansion of InstaAudit system. The new chemical registry, documentation of the lifting equipment investigations, as well as registration of devices should all be done within the same platform in the future.

Salminen is also looking forward to implementing the new chemical registry once it’s released. “Managing chemicals is a major part of our actions.” The success of the chemical registry module is based on the simplicity, as only the most necessary features are included. According to Salminen, the module has many benefits and the system is simple enough to use. Furthermore, he thinks that both the Quick Guide for Chemicals feature, as well as the Risk Assessment Implementation, seem promising.

Mobile applications are evolving quickly and I’ve paid close attention to what’s going on in the market. I believe that this system will suit us also in the future”, tells Salminen. Metso Flow’s trust for InstaAudit’s development team has been good throughout the cooperation. “When you can trust people, you can also trust their tools, and their desire to respond to forthcoming challenges in this constantly changing HSE field.”


Ari Salminen
Metso Flow Control Ltd, Vantaa
Safety and Environment manager
Phone: 040 707 2518
Email: ari.o.salminen at


Rudus Oy: Keijo Toropainen: We have used InstaAudit system for three years


Interview: Keijo Toropainen, Safety Manager, Rudus Oy

Simplifying the documentation and follow up process with InstaAudit

If Rudus could go 3 years back in time, they would still choose InstaAudit, according to Keijo Toropainen, Safety Manager of Rudus Ltd. “We needed to gather all the documentation into same place and simplify our follow-up procedures. Besides, our old system lacked some important features”, he continues. Some competing systems were examined as well, but InstaAudit was the winner with its well-known user-friendly approach. “Additionally, we really liked the possibility to create our own templates. We’ve actually used that feature actively”, Toropainen says.

Management of the tasks that come up from the inspections is now much easier than before. With simple steps, one can attach elements to tasks, such as pictures, timetables, and people responsible for the task. Also, the transparency of the system is highly appreciated by Rudus, as from task status it is easy to see whether the task is done or not. Notifications about expiring corrections are also noted to be a great feature.

Comprehensive user experience

Although deploying a new system is always a challenge, especially when the system is implemented to the whole organization at the same time, the deployment went well without bigger problems, tells Toropainen. InstaAudit’s agile customer support helped a lot during the process: “The support has been great, all the questions are answered quickly, usually within a couple of minutes.”

During the last 3 years Rudus has used InstaAudit system comprehensively for many different functions, including:

  • Internal safety, quality, and environment assessments at quarries and factories
  • Annual vehicle inspections (concrete trucks and pumps)
  • Construction machines’ semiannual inspections (wheel loaders and dumpers)
  • Management’s safety inspection rounds
  • Office safety inspection rounds
  • Near miss event reporting and management (added to InstaAudit from the Intranet in summer 2016)
  • Health and Safety program

In addition to what’s mentioned above, company uses same templates also in their operations in Estonia and Russia with their respective languages.

“People really like it when they can finish their tasks on the spot”

The fact that InstaAudit mobile application enables you to finish the near miss reporting on the spot has caused a lot of positive feedback. Even though some of the employees have missed the old near miss report listing due to its one-click-accessibility (new system requires logging in), generally speaking people are very satisfied with InstaAudit’s user-friendly and flexible interface.

During the implementation of InstaAudit, employees at factories and quarries got reinforced 7” Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 devices. Nowadays employees use their personal devices as well, especially larger 6” phone’s usability is great. There are both iOS and Android devices in the field. In addition, employees with a lot of inspections have iPad Air 2 devices at their disposal.

InstaAudit develops with the company

InstaAudit’s custom templates and organizational structure features were modified to align with the needs of the customer. In the beginning of 2016 Rudus organization went through a big organizational restructuring, and at the time Toropainen was able to update the new organization structure into the platform, using the system administrator tools. When it comes to analytic tools, they’ve been doing well with the existing graphs and statistics without ordering any customized graphs yet.

According to Toropainen the new chemical registry module seems great. As a matter of fact, they’ve been a part of the chemical registry pilot group, and they are going to replace their Intranet solution with InstaAudit’s chemical registry. The purpose of that change is to improve company’s MSDS management. Moreover, Toropainen wants to assure that best practices and guidelines reach every employee.


Keijo Toropainen
Rudus Oy
Safety manager
Phone: +358 40 074 5165
Email: keijo.toropainen at


Metso Minerals Oy: Mikko Irri: We wanted a software, that is easy to use


Interview: Mikko Irri, HSE Specialist, Metso Minerals Ltd, Tampere Factory

InstaAudit was an obvious choice

InstaAudit was taken into use at Metso Minerals’ factory in Tampere when they noticed that the previous system couldn’t offer the tools needed in order to develop the safety at the factory. “We were primarily looking for a system for risk evaluations”, explains Mikko Irri, HSE Specialist from Metso Minerals Ltd.

InstaAudit system was recommended for Metso Minerals by Metso Hakkila, as the system was already in use in that factory. As a result, Metso Minerals didn’t have a need to do any comparison and the decision was fairly easy. Above all, their priority one was to start risk assessments with a new tool as quickly as possible.

Effortless deployment

Since InstaAudit was already familiar at the Hakkila factory, the deployment at Tampere factory was very easy. All the training that took place was one 2-hour orientation session at the factory, which was accompanied by Antti Lehtomäki from the supplier’s side.

Metso Minerals uses InstaAudit e.g. for following functions: Risk assessments, workplace surveys, monthly safety assessments, quarterly management inspections, vehicle inspections, and forklift loading site evaluations.

After the implementation the feedback from employees has been great, and especially the ease of use and the clarity of the system has been acknowledged. “It should be noted that all the employees have adopted the system quickly”, says Irri and continues: “System support and customer service has worked really well. The support has been excellent, and most of our development proposals have been implemented.”

InstaAudit adapts to meet customer’s needs

Adaptability of the system made InstaAudit a perfect solution for Metso Minerals. As a main user, Irri has used the administrator tools to manage user rights, and to create factory departments. “I also created the inspection templates myself. In addition, in cooperation with the field maintenance Safety Manager, we created a vehicle inspection checklist, and added maintenance vehicles to the system as inspection targets.”

Moreover, Metso Minerals has utilized the possibility to order customized graphs. “I ordered a graph to support the existing basic graphs. Now I’m able to see the tasks by person, divided into three different states of work: done, not done and ongoing”, tells Irri.

Future plans

Metso Minerals has exciting plans for the usage of InstaAudit since they’re planning on auditing their suppliers with the platform as well. What is more, starting from 2017, InstaAudit’s new chemical registry module will be implemented and used to manage MSDS’s.

One can clearly tell that InstaAudit has earned its place at Metso Minerals. But just to make sure, we asked from Irri if they would choose InstaAudit system again, and his answer was: “Yes, absolutely”.


Mikko Irri
Metso Minerals Ltd, Tampere
HSE Specialist
Phone: +358 50 317 4421
Email: mikko.irri at


Finnsementti Oy: Risto Savelius: The reason why we chose InstaAudit-system


Interview: Risto Savelius, Safety Manager, Finnsementti Oy

Need for a new report system

The old safety report managing system of Finnsementti was replaced with the new InstaAudit system, simultaneously with the Intranet renewal process. “Our old near miss report system was getting old and rigid”, says Risto Savelius, Safety Manager of Finnsementti Ltd.

Since the new Intranet supplier couldn’t provide a suitable reporting system, Finnsementti decided to compare a couple of different systems, including InstaAudit. After all, the choice was quite easy: InstaAudit was recommended by Rudus Ltd, a company in the same group as Finnsementti. Considering the good feedback of InstaAudit given by Rudus, “there was no point to look any further”, Savelius says.

Easy-to-use tool to accelerate the corrective actions

As reported by Savelius, the implementation of InstaAudit system was surprisingly effortless despite the fact that it coincided with the summer vacations. Direct feedback from the personnel has been to the minimum, but the results speak for themselves.

After a small initial decline, the number of near miss reports begun to increase, now being slightly more than the amount reported during the old system. InstaAudit system gives notifications of unprocessed reports, resulting in speeding up the corrective actions in the company. “That in turn encourages personnel to make reports, as they lead to corrective actions faster”, Savelius explains.

Altogether, Savelius and his colleagues at Finnsementti are satisfied with InstaAudit’s customer support. “The support works very well, our questions are answered quickly and our problems are solved promptly. All in all, the support has been very smooth”, he says.

User-friendly way to process company’s safety reports

At Finnsementti, InstaAudit system is used to collect, process and quantify near miss event reports. Savelius as the system administrator, can manage users and user rights, as well as create customized templates. Statistics and analytics module provides the graphs and charts that the Safety Manager needs. In addition, InstaAudit provides tailored statistical views and customized graphs, if required. Currently some of the safety reports are still located in the old system of Finnsementti, which means that they’ll be able to fully utilize the benefits of the system’s statistics within the next year. Savelius points out that once all the reports are merged into the same system, they can start off with a clean slate.

Future scenarios

Finnsementti is planning on expanding the usage of InstaAudit. Management discussions, as well as safety inspection documentations, will be stored into the system during the next year. Moreover, the new chemical registry was noted when it was released, but more thorough examining of that is yet to be done. Altogether, Finnsementti is very satisfied with the new system, and according to Savelius, InstaAudit would still be Finnsementti’s choice.


Risto Savelius
Safety Manager
Phone: +358 400 410 705
Email: risto.savelius at


Skanska Oy: Mari Korpela: Why we chose InstaAudit system


Interview: Mari Korpela, Safety Expert, Skanska Oy, Finland

Skanska needed a mobile platform for documenting safety inspections

Based on the feedback from the field Skanska decided to move from paper forms to digital system. Not only that they wanted to reduce paper work, but it was also desirable to simplify the way pictures were attached; after all, picture tells more than thousand words. Mari Korpela, the Safety Expert of Skanska Ltd, tells that they interviewed ten providers in total and a variety of different kinds of systems were offered. Differences among the systems were mostly in small details, such as whether you can add default comments to the defects or not. Filling the safety inspection form was handled quite similarly in most of the systems, Korpela adds.

Useful and informative piloting phase

After interviewing the providers, three out of ten were selected to proceed to the piloting phase. Those three systems were piloted at multiple work sites for several months. During that phase they came to realize, that it is extremely difficult to find a system that would match perfectly with their requirements. However, while testing apps, they happened to find many new practical applications where the new mobile reporting system could be used. “The feedback received from the field also confirmed that the time was right for a mobile reporting system”, Korpela tells.

Willingness to develop was one of the most important factors

After the piloting phase it was time to choose the winning combination of agility, smooth cooperation and future development possibilities. Versatility and eagerness for constant development were one of the most important factors in the decision making process. “We also wanted to choose a provider that would share our idea about having a platform that is as simple to use as possible”, Korpela adds. Choosing a single purpose system or a system which wasn’t in active development was out of question.

Based on that criteria, Skanska chose the user-friendly InstaAudit system. Speed of development was also acknowledged. During the pilot it became clear that a browser based application wasn’t reliable enough for the field, so InstaAudit team included iOS/Android applications with 100% offline support. “The system was also considerably more customizable than the other options, for example, it offered custom templates.”

Skanska would choose InstaAudit again

There was no need to promote the new system for the staff, since the inquiries for a mobile application came from the field in the first place. The company has now started to pilot reporting near miss events, using QR codes. QR code based reporting has received a warm welcome. In addition to safety inspections, Skanska has added also other site inspection rounds to the system, as well as MVR and Asphalt meters. Moreover, they’re planning to use the system for fault and defect listings, when a location could be marked on the site’s PDF drawings.

Cooperation has been mutually easy and effortless, and Skanska is content with the customer support. When we wrap up the interview by asking if Skanska would choose InstaAudit again, the answer is clear:



Mari Korpela
Safety Expert
puh. 020 7192 479
email: mari.korpela at