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Skanska Oy: Mari Korpela: Why we chose InstaAudit system


Interview: Mari Korpela, Safety Expert, Skanska Oy, Finland

Skanska needed a mobile platform for documenting safety inspections

Based on the feedback from the field Skanska decided to move from paper forms to digital system. Not only that they wanted to reduce paper work, but it was also desirable to simplify the way pictures were attached; after all, picture tells more than thousand words. Mari Korpela, the Safety Expert of Skanska Ltd, tells that they interviewed ten providers in total and a variety of different kinds of systems were offered. Differences among the systems were mostly in small details, such as whether you can add default comments to the defects or not. Filling the safety inspection form was handled quite similarly in most of the systems, Korpela adds.

Useful and informative piloting phase

After interviewing the providers, three out of ten were selected to proceed to the piloting phase. Those three systems were piloted at multiple work sites for several months. During that phase they came to realize, that it is extremely difficult to find a system that would match perfectly with their requirements. However, while testing apps, they happened to find many new practical applications where the new mobile reporting system could be used. “The feedback received from the field also confirmed that the time was right for a mobile reporting system”, Korpela tells.

Willingness to develop was one of the most important factors

After the piloting phase it was time to choose the winning combination of agility, smooth cooperation and future development possibilities. Versatility and eagerness for constant development were one of the most important factors in the decision making process. “We also wanted to choose a provider that would share our idea about having a platform that is as simple to use as possible”, Korpela adds. Choosing a single purpose system or a system which wasn’t in active development was out of question.

Based on that criteria, Skanska chose the user-friendly InstaAudit system. Speed of development was also acknowledged. During the pilot it became clear that a browser based application wasn’t reliable enough for the field, so InstaAudit team included iOS/Android applications with 100% offline support. “The system was also considerably more customizable than the other options, for example, it offered custom templates.”

Skanska would choose InstaAudit again

There was no need to promote the new system for the staff, since the inquiries for a mobile application came from the field in the first place. The company has now started to pilot reporting near miss events, using QR codes. QR code based reporting has received a warm welcome. In addition to safety inspections, Skanska has added also other site inspection rounds to the system, as well as MVR and Asphalt meters. Moreover, they’re planning to use the system for fault and defect listings, when a location could be marked on the site’s PDF drawings.

Cooperation has been mutually easy and effortless, and Skanska is content with the customer support. When we wrap up the interview by asking if Skanska would choose InstaAudit again, the answer is clear:



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