Case Study

Metso Minerals Oy: Mikko Irri: We wanted a software, that is easy to use


Interview: Mikko Irri, HSE Specialist, Metso Minerals Ltd, Tampere Factory

InstaAudit was an obvious choice

InstaAudit was taken into use at Metso Minerals’ factory in Tampere when they noticed that the previous system couldn’t offer the tools needed in order to develop the safety at the factory. “We were primarily looking for a system for risk evaluations”, explains Mikko Irri, HSE Specialist from Metso Minerals Ltd.

InstaAudit system was recommended for Metso Minerals by Metso Hakkila, as the system was already in use in that factory. As a result, Metso Minerals didn’t have a need to do any comparison and the decision was fairly easy. Above all, their priority one was to start risk assessments with a new tool as quickly as possible.

Effortless deployment

Since InstaAudit was already familiar at the Hakkila factory, the deployment at Tampere factory was very easy. All the training that took place was one 2-hour orientation session at the factory, which was accompanied by Antti Lehtomäki from the supplier’s side.

Metso Minerals uses InstaAudit e.g. for following functions: Risk assessments, workplace surveys, monthly safety assessments, quarterly management inspections, vehicle inspections, and forklift loading site evaluations.

After the implementation the feedback from employees has been great, and especially the ease of use and the clarity of the system has been acknowledged. “It should be noted that all the employees have adopted the system quickly”, says Irri and continues: “System support and customer service has worked really well. The support has been excellent, and most of our development proposals have been implemented.”

InstaAudit adapts to meet customer’s needs

Adaptability of the system made InstaAudit a perfect solution for Metso Minerals. As a main user, Irri has used the administrator tools to manage user rights, and to create factory departments. “I also created the inspection templates myself. In addition, in cooperation with the field maintenance Safety Manager, we created a vehicle inspection checklist, and added maintenance vehicles to the system as inspection targets.”

Moreover, Metso Minerals has utilized the possibility to order customized graphs. “I ordered a graph to support the existing basic graphs. Now I’m able to see the tasks by person, divided into three different states of work: done, not done and ongoing”, tells Irri.

Future plans

Metso Minerals has exciting plans for the usage of InstaAudit since they’re planning on auditing their suppliers with the platform as well. What is more, starting from 2017, InstaAudit’s new chemical registry module will be implemented and used to manage MSDS’s.

One can clearly tell that InstaAudit has earned its place at Metso Minerals. But just to make sure, we asked from Irri if they would choose InstaAudit system again, and his answer was: “Yes, absolutely”.


Mikko Irri
Metso Minerals Ltd, Tampere
HSE Specialist
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